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/Glue Crawler and Classifiers - Supported file encodings: is UTF16 supported?/

Glue Crawler and Classifiers - Supported file encodings: is UTF16 supported?


Hi, AWS Glue Crawlers with CSV and XML Classifiers and works well with files encoded in UTF-8 but not with file encoded in UTF-16.

Public documentation does not clarify this point:

  • Do Glue crawler and classifier support UTF-16?
  • Is there please an available documentation on supported encodings with Glue crawlers and classifiers?

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1 Answers
Accepted Answer

Glue at the moment supports UTF-8 encoded files only [1]. If UTF-16 files are passed in, you may encounter the "Internal Service Exception" error message. The most feasible method would be to programatically convert the utf-16 files to utf-8 before passing it through Glue Crawler.

[1] -

answered 2 years ago

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