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User not receiving any email after workspace creation


I am testing out Amazon's workspaces and went through the process to create my first one (standard Linux from the free trial). After creating the workspace, and then checking on its status via the Workspace management UI, I could see that the workspace had been created; it took about 15 minutes to transition from "PENDING" to "STOPPED". From the management UI I can start/stop the workspace and it's status reflects it's current state ("STARTING" to "AVAILABLE" and "STOPPING" to "STOPPED").

This issue is my user (me) never received the invitation email, so I can't actually log into it. I tried to get into it since I could see the registration code in the management UI, but I'm guessing that the initial creation must have some random default password for that first login, which clearly I don't have. I have tried to use the "Invite User" and "Edit User" options from the management UI in an attempt to re-send the email, but every time I select one of those options I get an error that simply states:

"An Error Has Occurred
If you continue to experience an issue contact the AWS Support Team on the community forums and via AWS Premium Support at:"

And so here I am. At this point I'm thinking I just delete the workspace and start the process all over, but I'm not sure how that affects the free-trial. After all, I don't know if this workspace thing will work for my needs, so I definitely want the free trial time in order to test it out.

Any suggestions?


asked 3 years ago133 views
1 Answer

Ultimately I solved my own problem by deleting the workspace and re-creating it. Seems that didn’t impact my free trial (I was initially hesitant to do that for fear of losing out on the try out period).

answered 3 years ago

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