As a seller, how do I integrate AWS API Gateway with my AWS Marketplace SaaS listing?


I want to sell my API currently powered by AWS API Gateway in AWS Marketplace. How do I integrate AWS API Gateway with AWS Marketplace SaaS listing? How does the integration work with AWS Marketplace SaaS BatchMeterUsage API? What are the steps to integrate? What are the limitations?

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For the BatchMeterUsage integration to work properly, please note the following:

  1. Your SaaS product MUST either have the pricing model “SaaS Subscription” or “SaaS Contract with Consumption”.
  2. Your SaaS product MUST have a single billing dimension called “apigateway”.
  3. If you are listing a “SaaS Contract with Consumption” pricing model, this dimension MUST be an “out-of-contract” (or overage) dimension (see pricing page in SaaS product submission tool). Please note that API Gateway is not aware of any “gifted” or “included” units. All usage will be automatically sent to the “apigateway” dimension.
  4. Please note that API Gateway cannot report to other dimensions. It only reports to the single “apigateway” dimension. This means that all endpoints if enabled will be reported to and billed on that single dimension.
  5. Your API Gateway MUST be in the seller account and have proper permission.
  6. Your API Gateway MUST first have a Usage Plan setup that is associated with the AWS Marketplace product code.
  7. When a new user onboards to your SaaS product/landing page, you must first retrieve their marketplace Customer ID using the ResolveCustomer API. You MUST then create an API key for the user with their Customer ID in API Gateway and add the API key to the Usage Plan associated with your marketplace product. This is NOT automatically done and requires you to implement this logic. If one is already created, you can retrieve it and filter by the Customer ID.
  8. When your customer calls the API Gateway endpoints, they MUST use their API key.

If you have followed ALL 8 points above, API Gateway should report every hour or so if there are usage.

You can confirm that BatchMeterUsage was called by using AWS CloudTrail in your seller account. Please note that CloudTrail is an opt-in service that stores logs in S3 and there is generally a 15-minute delay for logs to show up.

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