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EventBridge and Message Deduplication


I have a UI application which is not responsive sometimes. As a result, the user clicks the submit button multiple times. I'm planning to integrate this application with EventBridge. It is possible that the application can send the same message from the UI multiple times.

We want to filter out the duplicate messages that come from the UI. Is there any AWS framework CDK which is written with de-duplication in mind and can be used along with EventBridge?

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I suppose that EventBridge can't help you. It's an event bus service that ingresses your click events and simplify forward them to targets based on predefined rules. Think it as a bridge, it's not reasonable if you prevent the same car model goes through the bridge over and over again. On cloud environment, duplication is normal behavior and you have to handle that situation yourself so I advise you to update your source code in this case.

answered 3 months ago
  • Are you suggesting storing the messages in a database, and every incoming message is checked against what is in the database to find out whether it has been processed already?

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