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Appsync HTTP resolver supported content types


Hi, I'm trying to write an Appsync http resolver mapping template to do a bulk upload to an Elastic Search index using this api:

This api expects content type "application/x-ndjson". However, appsync is giving me an error "unsupported content type application/x-ndjson". It appears "application/json" and "application/xml" are supported by appsync, but not sure if any others are

Is the list of supported content types for HTTP resolvers published somewhere? Is there any way I can get around this restriction? I just want the body to be passed through as a string. I don't need it to be parsed or serialized... not sure why the http resolver apparently has a whitelist of acceptable content types.

Thanks, cheers

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1 Answers

The valid subtypes for the application content type are listed here:

I made a code change to allow x-ndjson as well and that should be reflected in a couple of weeks as soon as it gets deployed.

answered 2 years ago

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