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Lambda Container-Based Function Needs --privileged and --device /dev/fuse


How can my container-based lambda function run the container with the "--privileged" and "--device /dev/fuse" options? My use case is a container that uses s3fs to mount an S3 bucket.

I thought for sure I had read this is possible, but now I'm not finding it. If this isn't possible running the container using lambda, is it possible under ECS?

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When you deploy a lambda using a container instead of a zip file, lambda doesn't actually run as a docker container. The container is just a packaging construct. At runtime, the lambda function runs just like it would if it were packaged as a zip file.

The ephemeral storage that is assigned to a lambda function can now be up to 10 GB -

Also, it is possible to use EFS with lambda functions -

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answered 3 months ago

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