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AWS 2dsphere limitation


Hi all,

I am using DocumentDB with Mongo support on AWS and we are having documents that include geolocation. We have read the documentation of AWS for mongo support here but despite it says that it's supported we are receiving error during the creation of the index.

The error we are getting when creating the index is : "Command createIndexes failed : Index type not supported : 2dsphere"

The c# code that should generate the index is the below :

var prefixIndexName = nameof(Account.Address)+"."+nameof(Account.Address.Geolocation);
if (!accountCollection.ExistIndex(prefixIndexName+"_2dsphere"))
       Console.WriteLine("Seeding Geolocation Geo2DSphere Index ...");
       var geoLocation = new StringFieldDefinition<Account>(prefixIndexName);
       var indexDefinition = new IndexKeysDefinitionBuilder<Account>().Geo2DSphere(geoLocation);
       var indexModel = new CreateIndexModel<Account>(indexDefinition, new CreateIndexOptions { Background = false });

The field that we are trying to add in the index is the "Address" and it looks like this :

"Address":  {
        "CountryId": number, 
        "PostCode": string,
        "AddressLine1": string,
        "AddressLine2": string,
        "City": string,
        "State": string,
        "Geolocation": {
            "type": "Point",
            "coordinates": decimal[] // e.g. [xx.xxxxxxx, xx.xxxxxxx]

The code is working on my local MongoDB installation, so I believe I am missing something to make it run on AWS.

Any help you could provide is valuable, thanks in advance for your time!