Launch Initiation Failed: Trying to launch EC2 instance on eu-north-1-hel-1a



I am trying to launch a dual-stack EC2 instance on a specific availability zone (eu-north-1-hel-1a), but the process seems to be failing at the last step. I have even tried to drop the dual-stack requirement and limit myself to ipv4 but this didn't seem to do the trick. The original message is as follows: Instance launch failed: The requested configuration is currently not supported. Please check the documentation for supported configurations.

Has anyone else faced this issue in the particular availability zone? I am trying to figure out what is not really supported and whether I could get around it.

Many thanks in advance.


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aws ec2 describe-instance-type-offerings --location-type availability-zone  --region eu-north-1 --filters Name=location,Values=eu-north-1-hel-1a

{ "InstanceTypeOfferings": [] }

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  • but those seems to be working: t3.medium t3.xlarge c5.2xlarge g4dn.2xlarge m5.2xlarge r5.2xlarge r5.4xlarge c5.12xlarge


Hi. There is a possiblty that instance type you selected is.not suppoted(available) in your local zone. Try another Instance type.

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answered a year ago

Please how do I find out EC2 instance that will match my zone

answered 3 months ago

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