Amazon SNS for SMS won't send texts/fails to my mobile number


I am able to send text messages to other mobile numbers, but for some reason when I try to send to my phone, the SMS always fails.

There are no numbers listed for "Opted-out phone numbers (0)" shown in the console.

Our API code shows it was sent without issue:

Sent SMS messageId: c463103f-ec86-5671-aa81-4d074fa3219e; responseMetadata: AwsResponseMetadata(metadata=[AWS_REQUEST_ID, x-amzn-RequestId, Content-Length, Date, Content-Type]);

And it also fails if I try to "Publish Text Message" via the Console.

I can't see a way to note the failures in the console, it just shows counts of successes and failures.

  • Also, I am sending from the US to another US number and my phone is an iPhone.

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To troubleshoot mobile text message (SMS) failures in Amazon SNS, Kindly refer the below Knowledge center article which have multiple resolution steps that can be checked. First and foremost, Kindly turn on and view Amazon CloudWatch Logs for your SMS messages.


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  • Thank you. I have done this, and not it says:

    delivery.providerResponse Phone has blocked SMS

    How can I see where this phone number has blocked SMS? It is my phone number, but I don't know how to configure it to be usable for SMS. Perhaps I did a "STOP" reply to a text to show that users can opt out (they should always be able to do so), but since it's not listed anywhere I know, I can reactivate it.

    On the Amazon SNS page for "Text messaging (SMS)", the "Opted-out phone number (0)" shows "No numbers have been opted out."

  • FYI I ended up resolving this by sending the "unstop" to my SMS/Pinpoint phone number and that did restart it, though I'm not sure why it wasn't listed as an "opt out" phone number.

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