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I can't create seattle instance ec2


First i switch region to us-west-2 (oregon)


i make usw2-sea1-az1 and usw2-wl1-sea-wlz1 available

make subnetwork for those 2 seattle zone

when i create new instance for those 2 subnetwork will failed

if i create by all deafult setting will be good, but not in seattle

if step above, it's not the correct step can u advise me ty

1 Answers

Can you verify that the Zones are opted-in in your account using this command:

aws ec2 describe-availability-zones --region us-west-2 --query AvailabilityZones[*].[OptInStatus,ZoneId]

If the zone is opted-in, can you verify that the instance type is available in that zone with this command:

aws ec2 describe-instance-type-offerings --location-type availability-zone-id --filters Name=location,Values=usw2-sea1-az1 --region us-west-2 --query InstanceTypeOfferings[*].InstanceType

Can you also share the error message you get when you try to deploy the instances?

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answered 13 days ago

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