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Regarding AWS Element Live Audio output


Hi All We are using AWS element live ,when we send audio input to Element we are able to see the audio feed in the Element but we are not getting Audio out put feed can you please hlep us on solution or suggestions to be done.

asked 7 months ago65 views
2 Answers


AWS Elemental Live can only support RTP and MediaConnect audio-only inputs :

Regarding audio-only outputs, you can then create HLS, Microsoft Smooth, RTMP or UDP outputs :

You can also create an audio-only output from any input that has video+audio, so if you are using an input stream type that needs to have video to be used by AWS Elemental MediaLive you will need to add a dummy video stream (that could later discarded) to that audio.


answered 7 months ago

Please note that you must create Audio Selectors from the input source, which choose one or more audio tracks or PIDs. When defining an audio output, either with the video or audio only output, you need to choose the Audio Selector that will be used for each audio output. Please review this link to understand about configuring Elemental Live Outputs.

answered 7 months ago

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