why I am getting charged for RDS Billing


Why I am getting charged even after deleting RDS Instances and snapshots.

Here are the details of my bill:

Relational Database Service USD 0.29

US East (N. Virginia) USD 0.29

Amazon Relational Database Service Backup Storage USD 0.29 $0.095 per additional GB-month of backup storage exceeding free allocation0.379 GB-Mo USD 0.04 $0.095 per additional GB-month of backup storage exceeding free allocation running PostgreSQL2.624 GB-Mo USD 0.25

1 Answer

Are there any snapshots that were taken when the RDS was deleted or automatically taken?
The automatically taken snapshots are located on the System tab of the RDS Snapshot screen.
It is recommended that all tabs on the snapshot screen be checked.

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answered a year ago
  • I haven't deleted instance or provisioned storage yet, I want to know if the instance is stopped or deleted but if the storage is left active will i incurr additional charges for having the storage active? and are storage billed for GB or even the "time" provisioned lets say for remaining period of the month if i dont delete it?

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