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/Support for DynamoDB as source system/

Support for DynamoDB as source system


I know DAX exists but it requires special clients to communicate with. These clients are not available/integrated with COTS packages. The ElastiCache (either memcache or redis) interface has wide support amongst COTS software. The route would be DynamoDB --> DMS --> ElastiCache. This way DynamoDB could be integrated with many software packages that support a K/V store. Therefore my request is whether you're willing to support DynamoDB as a source system for DMS?

2 Answers

Curious as to why you select your path as DynamoDB -> DMS -> Elasticache ?

  • For example, if you are looking to use DynamoDB as a source of truth and want to read from Elasticache and want near real time ongoing replication, then you can use:

  • If your use-case is a one time dump of DynamoDB to Elasticache, then you can export your DynamoDB table to S3, and use S3 as a source for DMS.

  • Furthermore, if you are looking for a persistent KV store for you Elasticache workloads, have you considered MemoryDB which now supports JSON workloads?

answered 16 days ago

internally there is a feature request to support DDB as source for DMS but again service team will take its own time to release the feature. Once generally available it will be stated on this page

answered a month ago

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