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Create Spot Fleet Request / Charges


Hello AWS Team,

I have just created my account and I want to make an EC2 Spot request and I have some questions.

I have made the technical configurations and pre-requisites in order to request for an instance but I want to clarify how this is charged.

For example when I proceeded with some request and have been provided with a fullfiled - active instance I couldn't shut down the instance because it was not persistent .

If I create a non-persistent does charges apply hourly even I don't use / I am not connected to the instance?

If this is the case then could you please advice me how to create a persistent spot request and leave it shut down and use it only when I want in order for charges to not apply at the time I don't use it ?

Thanks in advance !

1 Answers

The answer to the question and behavior of Spot Instance Interruption as per billing depends on Instance Operating system. Refer to the documentation Billing for interrupted Spot Instances for detailed information on how it is billed.

While an interrupted Spot Instance is stopped, you are charged only for the EBS volumes, which are preserved.

Additional information on Spot Instance interruption can be seen on Stop interrupted Spot Instances

See pricing for Spot Instances

answered a month ago

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