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/I'm Unable to use my VPS machine/

I'm Unable to use my VPS machine


Hi Everyone, I've mentioned lines of error that may help you better understand my issue. I'm trying to use RDP and while connecting to Remote Desktop it gives the following error that I'm unable to get into my Machine: Remote desktop cannot connect to the computer because of the following reasons: 1: remote access to the server is not enabled 2: the remote computer is turned off 3: the remote computer is not available on the network Please help me in troubleshooting the error so that I can continue using services

1 Answers

you need to check the following

  • security group --> RDP port --> 3389 ALLOW
  • instance must be in public subnet (subnet connected to internet gateway(you need to check the route table of subnet))
  • instance must have public IP or elastic IP associated

this are the possible reasons,
thank you,

answered a month ago

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