How to fix Windwos computer name and user name in AppStream 2.0


The default behavior when running a Windows application on AppStream 2.0 seems to be as follows

 The Windows computer name changes every time (e.g. EC2AMAZ-I4C3T1Q, EC2AMAZ-G0J3FC0, etc.)  The Windows account name is uniformly "PhotonUser".

Can this be changed as follows (like normal Windows)?  ・Fix the Windows computer name so that it does not change every time.  ・Set the Windows account name to an arbitrary value for each user added with AppStream2.0.

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AppStream 2.0 instances are ephemeral by design therefore the computer name will be different for each new session that is provisioned. Additionally the PhotonUser account is the default account for non-domain joined AppStream instances and, thus, cannot be modified.

If you are looking for a persistent solution, you may want to look into Amazon WorkSpaces

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answered 5 months ago

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