Embedding a Quicksight into a WIKI Page


I am trying to find a way to embed a quicksight dashboard into a WIKI page. I know I can hyperlink to it, but really want it to embed and show a live view of the dashboard. The dashboard is a shared dashboard that AMZL uses for daily DBR.

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You can embed QuickSight dashboards and analytics on external sites as long as the page supports HTML.


There are two ways to embed, either an anonymously accessible dashboard or a dashboard that requires normal user authentication.

In the former case, you need to apply for a session capacity plan and then change it.


In the latter case, you need QuickSight credentials when you try to access the embedded page.


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answered 2 years ago
  • I was able to get the URL to paste and work correctly, however it is only displaying the URL and nothing more on the wiki. Is it possible to make it show the dashboard on the wiki so they don't have to click on the URL?

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