Removed package from EPEL for Amazon Linux 2


Hi, in my instances running AL2 i am using the EPEL repo to have access to especially on package (libmaxminddb). This package was now removed from EPEL because it was included in RHEL7.7. Are there any chances this package can find its way into the Amazon Linux 2 core repo as it did for CentOS7? Or do i have to install the package manually via rpm or self built?


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yum search libmaxminddb Loaded plugins: extras_suggestions, langpacks, priorities, update-motd 215 packages excluded due to repository priority protections ============================================================== Matched: libmaxminddb =============================================================== mod_maxminddb.x86_64 : Module for the Apache web server to query MaxMind DB files

answered a year ago
  • Right, mod_maxminddb is still there but i guess popped up for the search because it has a dependency to libmaxminddb. That being said, it is also not installable because of the missing lib.

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