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I am getting model building failed in AWS Canvas after three tries. I created model, set my parameters, ran validation and then choose Standard build. Analysis pops up with expected time of 45 mins. at 1 hour and 7 min, when the model is Generating explainability report I get Model Building Failed. I have deleted the app, deleted the model and ran this three separate times and I get the exact same results at the same time elapsed with the same error. On the models screen it shows a model, with a score and a lock IN BUILDING. When I click it refreshes page and few minutes later still shows the same.

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Hi. There could be several reasons why this is happening. Here are some tips from my perspective for you to see what the problems is :

  1. Check the logs: In the console, navigate to the errors or warnings that might give you a clue as to what is causing the failure.
  2. Check your parameters: Make sure you've set your model parameters correctly, and that you've selected the appropriate algorithm and hyperparameters for your use case.
  3. Check your data: Ensure that the data you're using to train your model is clean, complete, and in the correct format. If there are any missing or erroneous values, it could be causing the model to fail.
  4. Check your role: see if your role have permission problem.

Hope it helps.

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