Cloudwatch SDK using putLogEvents() works locally but 504 Gateway timeout on my server (EC2)


I have a function that uses putLogEvents() method and it works fine locally but not when we push it out to our server (EC2 instance). We are always getting 504. I checked our LB and its allowing all traffic. I am running out of ideas why it is timing out on our server.

  • Also, when I do aws logs put-log-events ... on my EC2 server, it never responds back and I think that's why I'm getting 504 on my API but I'm not sure how to debug or see why its causing that to not respond.

  • I noticed that I can't telnet 443 on my EC2 instance

1 Answer

If it is a timeout, check whether your EC2 has outbound internet access. And after that if the EC2 has sufficient permissions, then it will work.

answered 2 months ago
  • I can curl within that EC2 which means I have outbound internet access. What permission shall I be looking for on that EC2 instance?

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