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Hello, I have my dockerize app and I deployed that with ECS. Now I have one doubt, I choose the number of instances two, and the number of tasks also two, and it works well. My question is If I terminate one instance then in the target group, two tasks work on a single instance and after a couple of minutes new instance is automatically created but in the target group both task uses that first instance only. And in this case, the second instance is created successfully but ALB not using the second instance. Can someone guide me? Thanks

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When using ECS with EC2 tasks do not re-balance automatically after a failure event unless autoscaling tells it to for some other reason (eg responding to performance). Check out this sample code which uses Cloudwatch events to modify a service back to 1 desired count and then back to 2 to respread the tasks.

You might also want to consider using fargate instead of EC2. You can configure fargate to use all the possible AZ's in a region (usually 3) so if one task fails due to an AZ issue it will be restarted in a different AZ to the other task within the service by default

answered a year ago
  • Does it mean, till any of the failures the second EC2 instance will be running idle?

  • till any failure or if autoscaling tells ecs to scale up more than 2. EG you could change the desired count to 3 and then back down to 2 for a rebalance

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