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/Choosing of AMIs which suits for our project regarding/

Choosing of AMIs which suits for our project regarding


We are working on Automation of CCTV camera videos (RTSP link) using image processing techniques such as back ground subtraction, contour detection, annotation using opencv-python for 80 we have to run 80 python scripts in parallel manner. I would like to know which AMI suits for this project without any drop in outputs. The outputs are images in jpg format. These code would run 24*7.kindly suggest best AMI for this so that we would suggest the same to our management for purchase.

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Hi, it is not easy to answer which instance will be best suited. AWS provides many EC2 instances types. I would suggest start with minimum i.e. 4CPU & 8GB RAM (xlarge) instance type then monitor the performance for both CPU & RAM for sometimes and increase the instance type if started observing the glitch in either CPU or RAM.

Based on your questions, I assume the compute optimized instances type will be more suitable, but still before finalizing you need to go through multiple permutation & combination.

Refer, AWS EC2 various instances type details:

Regards, Nikhil Shah

answered 11 days ago

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