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/Please I confused, I don't know why I got this error in S3 - Codecommit and Cloudformation/

Please I confused, I don't know why I got this error in S3 - Codecommit and Cloudformation


I am currently working with this PoC = Automatically build CI/CD pipelines and Amazon ECS clusters for microservices using AWS CDK [] And I have this error. This is the command I use to launch the deployment

cdk deploy --context aws_account=xxxxxx --context aws_region=eu-west-2 --context vpc_nonprod_id=vpc-0b1ad2009aa6d2106 --context vpc_prod_id=vpc-00b4a914c2628a1b2 --context ecssg_nonprod_id=vpc-0b1ad2009aa6d2106 --context ecssg_prod_id=vpc-00b4a914c2628a1b2 --context code_commit_s3_bucket_for_code=cdk-hnb659fds-assets-xxxxxxxxxx-eu-west-2 --context code_commit_s3_object_key_for_code=arn:aws:kms:eu-west-2:xxxxxxxx:key/d92b32f6-d8cb-4429-adcc-d88d2d3f0ec3 --context microservice_name=devops-iris | CREATE_FAILED | AWS::CodeCommit::Repository | xxxxxx-codecommit-id Not Found (Service: Amazon S3; Status Code: 404; Error Code: 404 Not Found; Request ID: GRZCJ67AMTTS1318; S3 Extended Request ID: 3514cWqx2HUsD3cSLgj5zYCEw1IcAp6id5AVbBSDChEnKoFAo lNI0iP1jhMgR8v1Iifktm+dYEU=; Proxy: null)

"code_commit_s3_object_key_for_code", I don't have idea, How can I know this value? Cheers Andy

2 Answers

code_commit_s3_object_key_for_code is obviously not the KMS key you have provided. Assuming you have uploaded the to a S3 bucket as mentioned in the prerequisites, its the path in the S3 bucket where the code was uploaded to. If root of the bucket, then it would be else the <prefix>/


answered a month ago

First, thank you for the support. It's true, I made a rookie mistake.

answered 20 days ago

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