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problem of connecting new EC2 instance


dear all
I am a starter, and create a new EC2 instance(linux) and try to connect by two methods, but both failed:

  1. via putty, when enter the interface of 'login as:', I inputed username(EC2-user, or root),it indicates:No supported authentication methods available(server sent:public key) and close the window.
    what can I do to successfully login?

  2. via: 'EC2 Instance Connect (browser-based SSH connection)' of control panel. it indicates:
    'EC2 service page is currently unavailable.
    You can monitor status on the AWS Service Health Dashboard.
    To visit a different AWS service page, go to AWS Management Console.
    You can also contact AWS Support for assistance.'
    is this problem of server? I tried yesterday evening and tomorrow morning, it has the same information, what can I do ?
    thanks a lot.

asked 3 years ago55 views
1 Answer


I understand that you are unable to connect to your EC2 Linux instance. To connect to instance using Putty please note note that you need to input .ppk file while connecting to the instance. Please follow the steps given in the below document to connect to instance using Putty:


Regarding your other query, I would request you to share the instance-id with us to check if your instance fulfills requirements of EC2 Instance Connect. You may refer to the below link:



answered 2 years ago

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