How to ask for a review to my account.


Hey guys. I would like to know how do I request a review of my account, as I have my emails on SES paused and would like to unpause them. I've already done everything that was oriented to me to be able to request a new review, but each task that I open asking for it, amazon simply completes it and doesn't return anything, the last one was unassigned and in 2 days I didn't get any answers.

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Hi, was this done via AWS Support? If you haven't already - open a AWS support case and provide information on the changes made and how you will avoid issues with SES in the future.

answered 10 months ago
  • Hi Yes, i already open a case. Actually i open 2 cases, one they simple close and didn't tell me nothing and the another they put as unassigned 3 days ago and didn't answer me.


And now they replied asking me to proceed with the first case that was opened by them, but there they simply ignore everything I send and close it again. From the beginning, I'm telling them that I made the changes they asked me to, but they always sent the same thing and that they should keep it as paused, but then what's the point of having everything they asked me to do if they're going to ignore me and don't even intend to analyze it the case again? I just need someone from amazon to say "To solve this, you must do that there" and that's it, we solve everything...

answered 9 months ago

There is no way.

After my experience on SES Pause, i tried everything ( even opening for 5 different tickets ) for a review.

I finally reached a live support, they said that the final decision of SES team will remain as paused for my account.

There is no way to reach them for do's or dont's.

All we can is provide new information to motive them. But im %100 sure they will ignore us...

answered 3 months ago

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