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how to use the phone numbers validation service?


hello , i have a list of clients phone numbers and i want to verify if those phone numbers are valid , are mobile and not landline and the carrier also 1 - my question is how to do this ? i didn't find enough information about this in the pinpoint service? 2 - what are the limit of validating phone numbers (what is the number of requests i can do per day) for the free tier account?

and thank's in advance

1 Answer


Amazon Pinpoint includes a phone number validation service that you can use to determine if a phone number is valid, and to obtain additional information about the phone number itself. For example, when you use the phone number validation service, it returns the following information:

-The phone number in E.164 format.

-The phone number type (such as mobile, landline, or VoIP).

-The city and country where the phone number is based.

-The service provider that's associated with the phone number.


For pricing, it depends on the usage, however for the free usage: The first 5,000 endpoints that you target each month are free. You pay $0.0012 per endpoint after that. Refer the link for additional exact pricing based on the number of requests and usage. an endpoint might be a phone number or an email address.


answered 2 months ago

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