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PaginationToken for Conito IDp ListUsers Action


While creating an API using the APIGateway's AWS service(Cognito IDp) to ListUsers in User Pool I'm facing some issues with the PaginationToken Request Parameter. The document provided by AWS states that the paginationtoken is not a mandatory parameter but even when I pass an empty String as an input i get:

"2 validation errors detected: Value '' at 'paginationToken' failed to satisfy constraint: Member must satisfy regular expression pattern: [\S]+;Value '' at 'paginationToken' failed to satisfy constraint: Member must have length greater than or equal to 1"

I need to know what value this Input Parameter is asking.

1 Answers

I might be misunderstanding as I can't see how API Gateway relates, but the Cognito API's "ListUsers" documentation says PaginationToken is "An identifier that was returned from the previous call to this operation, which can be used to return the next set of items in the list" and is optional. The idea is you don't provide it on your first call - you exclude it entirely, you don't pass an empty String. The idiom I use for pagination, which is common in the AWS APIs though a bit inconsistent, is as follows (this is a pseudocode/Python example but the same idea works for all SDKs):

response = some_aws_api(your_params)
while True:
    process the response

    # check if there's more to retrieve    
    token = response.get('PaginationToken', '')
    if token == '':
    response = some_aws_api(PaginationToken=token, your_params)
answered 17 days ago

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