AMI pricing is hourly or yearly ?



I would like to use one of the NICE DCV AMI (Windows or Ubuntu) but when I try to subcribe it only propose a yearly price ?!

Is it possible to pay hourly and also, is it possible to choose instances. Sometimes, I develop proof of concept on low-end GPU, then I have to test it on more powerful GPUs ?

Or should I install an free AMI, then install NICE DCV on it ?



  • Can you share the link of AMI? Usually the instance charge at per second mode but if any specific subscription is required then it depends upon the publisher of AMI, let me investigate the AMI so post your link here. thanks

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The DCV team maintains several public AWS Marketplace DCV AMIs that bundle the DCV server software in both Windows and Linux operating systems.

The team also provides a DCV CloudFormation template to provision EC2 with NICE DCV on AWS.

Alternatively, you can also install NICE DCV in your EC2 instance.

You can change instance type for your EC2 instance

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Nice DCV pricing is by the hour: see

you can see /hr on the prices in the screenshot below

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