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AWS Elemental Live - DASH Outputgroup: Support of Multiple "BaseURL"


Hey all, does AWS Elemental Live support multiple BaseURL in one DASH Outputgroup? I'm asking regarding possible failover scenarios.

Best regards, Julian

2 Answers

Hello Julian,

AWS Elemental Live and MediaLive allow you to create multiple output groups. You can do two DASH output groups, so that you generate multiple BaseURLs on different origins (S3, MediaStore, etc.). So that you can do failover between the different origins that you publish to.

answered 9 months ago

Hello, Julian,

In addition to multiple output groups, I wanted to pass along some details from MediaLive documentation related to redundant manifests that may suit your needs. This allows downstream systems to better handle MediaLive output issues for a standard channel. See the link below.


Redundant HLS manifests -

answered 9 months ago

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