How to resolve the "Password is not available"


Hi, I am unable to get the password for my custom windows AMI which is windows 10. I have already set a password on the administrator account before exporting the VM into OVA file format. Everything is good until when I tried to RDP in but the password cant be decrypted and shows this "Password is not available" even after waiting for 4 mins. Any ideas as to what went wrong?

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You can try the below options to resolve the error that you are encountering.

--> Using EC2 Rescue tool, perform EC2 Rescue and diagnose operation to enable the "Reset Administrator Password". please refer

---> you can review the EC2 Launch log for the same and identify the error that you are seeing regarding the same

---> you can reset the Administrator Password again with setting Admin privileges by running following command.

PS> start-process PowerShell -verb runas

---> Further you can we check whether the "ssm-user" account was disabled, if it's disabled you can enable it

---> Review the installed EC2 Launch version using following command:

PS > Test-ModuleManifest -Path "C:\ProgramData\Amazon\EC2-Windows\Launch\Module\Ec2Launch.psd1" | Select Version

---> perform the EC2 Launch upgrade to latest version using following script in Run Command document "AWS-RunPowerShellScript":


---> Review the System event logs.

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