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/How do I deactivate an AWS service?/

How do I deactivate an AWS service?


On May 4, I created an Amplify app just to try it out, because I decided I didn't need it so deleted it. Soon after, when I checked the biling dashboard, I noticed I have 5 active services. I did my research and I discovered how to get rid of a service. In most services I didn't find a trace of anything created in there, except Lambda, so I deleted my Lambda functions. Later, I went back to the billing dashboard and I found and it still says I found 5 active services. The next day, it went up to 6 but I didn't do anything except double check my services, and today it went up to 7.

What I'm really wondering is what does an active service mean? Is anyone else experiencing the activation of services without doing anything?

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Hey, you might wanna use Cloud Nuke, an open source tool by Gruntwork 1 You can install this in AWS Cloudshell (a browser-based CLI right from AWS Management Console) 2 and do the cleanup

Cloud nuke basically crawl and remove all AWS resources in the given account. Please note there are no turning back, and Cloud Nuke is VERY destructive, make sure you really want to clean the account up.

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2 -

answered 11 days ago

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