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Creating our own codec for streaming audio on AWS


We want to create our own codec to stream the audio files on our app(developing stage) which will support high resolution audio files , does AWS provide containers to create our own codec and stream the audio files in our own codec. For example : if we create our codec say .xyz and we want that the audio files are saved in S3 can run on this codec by media converter. can that happen ?

So, in conclusion can we create a container that can run our codec for the same with the help of creating a new transcoding preset option available in the media convert and will AWS Media Converter, will support our codec to stream those audio files.

1 Answer

Amazon offers two container services, ECS and EKS. As with other container functions, you can define encapsulate a custom workflow within both. These could include your non standard audio codec and supporting functions.

AWS MediaConvert supports specific industry standard codecs for both video and audio. This is true for both source files and transcoded output files. If the desire is for MediaConvert to read audio files from a custom coded and convert to some other format, that will likely not work. The audio files codecs will need to be from these lists.

answered 4 months ago

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