aws control tower, update account with AFC using a terraform external product


i have created an external product in my service catalog (this product is a simple bucket written in terraform)... when i try to update the account in control tower using accoun factory.. i can't use this product because i reciebe this error "Verbose cannot be true for Product type EXTERNAL" i can't found any option when i created the product to modify it. If I create the product as a terraform OSS this works without problems, but I understand that from now on for terraform products we must create them as external... can you help me?


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The error message you provided, "Verbose cannot be true for Product type EXTERNAL," suggests that there might be an issue related to the product type or configuration.

Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and potentially resolve the issue:

  1. Review Documentation: Make sure you have followed the AWS documentation for creating and updating products in the Service Catalog and using the Account Factory in Control Tower. Check if there are any specific requirements or restrictions for external products.

  2. Product Type: As you mentioned, you created the product as an external product. Ensure that this is the correct product type for your use case. External products are typically used for resources provisioned outside of Service Catalog, and it might have different considerations compared to other product types.

  3. Check Product Configuration: Review the configuration of your external product in the Service Catalog. Make sure that all required parameters and settings are correctly specified. You may need to modify the product definition to ensure it is compatible with the Account Factory.

  4. Terraform Version: Ensure that you are using a version of Terraform that is supported by AWS Service Catalog and AWS Control Tower. Check the Terraform provider documentation for AWS to confirm compatibility.

  5. AWS CLI and SDK Versions: Ensure that you are using the latest version of the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) or SDKs to interact with AWS services. Outdated versions may have issues with newer features.

  6. Review AWS Control Tower Settings: Check the settings in AWS Control Tower related to Service Catalog and Account Factory. Ensure that your AWS Control Tower environment is properly configured and up to date.

If notting else works, I would Contact AWS Support. They can provide assistance and guidance specific to your environment and configuration.

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