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AWS:InstanceInformation folder created in s3 by Resource Data Sync cannot be queried by Athena because it has an invalid schema with duplicate columns.


After resolving my first issue with getting a resource data sync set up, I've now run into another issue with the same folder.

When a resource data sync is created, it creates a folder structure with 13 folders following a folder structure like: s3://resource-data-sync-bucket/AWS:*/accountid=*/regions=*/resourcetype=*/instance.json}

When running the glue crawler over this, a schema is created where partitions are made for each subpath with an = in it.

This works fine for most of the data, except for the path starting with AWS:InstanceInformation. The instance information json files ALSO contain a "resourcetype" field as can be seen here.

{"PlatformName":"Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Datacenter","PlatformVersion":"10.0.17763","AgentType":"amazon-ssm-agent","AgentVersion":"3.1.1260.0","InstanceId":"i","InstanceStatus":"Active","ComputerName":"","IpAddress":"","ResourceType":"EC2Instance","PlatformType":"Windows","resourceId":"i-0a6dfb4f042d465b2","captureTime":"2022-04-22T19:27:27Z","schemaVersion":"1.0"}

As a result, there are now two "resourcetype" columns in the "aws_instanceinformation" table schema. Attempts to query that table result in the error HIVE_INVALID_METADATA: Hive metadata for table is invalid: Table descriptor contains duplicate columns

I've worked around this issue by removing the offending field and setting the crawler to ignore schema updates, but this doesn't seem like a great long term solution since any changes made by AWS to the schema will be ignored.

Is this a known issue with using this solution? Are there any plans to change how the AWS:InstanceInformation documents are so duplicate columns aren't created.

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