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How to use the same ACM certificate with CloudFront and ELB


I used Amazon Certificate Manager (ACM) to generate a SSL certificate for my domain (ex. In order to use this certificate in my Cloudfront CDN, the certificate was generated in N. Virginia.

My CDN is mapped to an ELB sitting in Ireland (eu-west-1).

The issue is that when I want to use the generated certificate in my ELB listeners, I'm not able to do it (I can't find the certificate).

am I just missing something? or is it impossible to do?

I tried to generate another certificate using ACM using the same region as the ELB and using the same domain. The certificate was issued with any problem and then I was able to attach it to the ELB. But it didn't work. I'm getting an error "502 Bad Gateway CloudFront wasn't able to connect to the origin".
Here is the Request ID: 2ATxreSbHYMdqHPuBQTRAlTgraq772nPDOGqQODtICXeZ5e1YeqXbQ==

Please notice that I was using a letsencrypt Certificate installed in the CDN and the ELB and it was working fine. After certificate expiry I wanted to test the ACM Certificate.

thank you.

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Accepted Answer

You need to generated the certificate to be in us-east-1 for use with CloudFront, and it also needs to be in the region(s) of your balancers for use with balancers. Balancers can only see certificates in their local region, and CloudFront can only see certificates in us-east-1.

ACM allows you to request and issue certificates for the same domains in multiple regions, but in does not support sharing the exact same AWS-issued certificate across regions -- you have to request the certificate in each region where you need it.

A certificate you purchase or otherwise obtain from 3rd party certificate authorities can be imported into ACM in as many regions as desired, but must be imported into each region individually.

answered 4 years ago

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