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How can I find the Query ID for an Athena Saved Query on AWS console?


After I create a query in Athena using the AWS console, how can I find the Query ID associated with that query?

If I run the query and it fails, I can see the Query ID in the AWS console by going to "Recent Queries" and clicking the "Failed" link next to the query run (, but this doesn't work for queries where the status is "completed".

I can also use the API to first call ListNamedQueries, then iterate through that resulting list of query ids and call GetNamedQuery on each one to see if the name matches the query I'm looking for. But that's a really roundabout process just to get the query id for a query I just created.

Is there another way to simply find a named query's id via the console that I'm not seeing?

asked 8 months ago173 views
2 Answers

No, I'm not looking for the Execution Id. That would be the id for a query run. I'm looking for a way to find the NamedQueryId for a Named Query from console.

answered 8 months ago

Hi ,

based on the documentation link you shared I think that the id you are looking for is the **Execution Id** . If want to check click on the failed query and look at the Query Id you will see it should match the execution id.

hope this helps,

answered 8 months ago

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