Notification channel in Amazon managed Grafana


Hi, I setup a notification channel in Amazon Managed Grafana workspace to publish to an SNS topics. When testing notification channel in the workspace, I don't receive any publish to the topic. If I tested to publish message in the Amazon console, I could successfully receive the email (I subscribed the topics with an email subscription).

Anything I missing in the Grafana setup? I tried all 3 Auth Provider (Workspace IAM Role, Access & secret key, ARN) and none of them works.

Thank you.

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Idk if this is still a problem for you, but I struggled with the same problem and found that the automatically generated by Grafana IAM role has a permission to publish to SNS in the form of arn:sns.....:grafana-. So, your SNS topic name must start with 'grafana-', or you'll have to change the permission.

answered a year ago

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