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/Updating data in governed tables/

Updating data in governed tables


Are governed tables insert/append only? Is it possible to update data already in the table? has a good example of inserting data, but it doesn't look possible to define a primary key to be able to dedupilcate data if you did another insert on the same row or a way to do an update.


  • I see that for update-table-objects the etag is required "The Amazon S3 ETag of the object. Returned by GetTableObjects for validation and used to identify changes to the underlying data." so does that help with updates? What about with compaction when that s3 file doesn't exist and was compacted

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Lake Formation Governed Tables support object level ACID transactions. Record level transactions are not currently supported.

hope this helps

answered 7 months ago

It appears that the development team is still working on the update table method to support appends on Governed Tables. They are targeting Q1 2022 to have this feature complete. So as of now, there is no method that you can use out of the box to do an update based on the primary key.

answered 6 months ago

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