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/Migration of SLES12 SP5 to SLES15 SP1/

Migration of SLES12 SP5 to SLES15 SP1



By using, I have migrated EC2 Instance which is running on SLES12 SP3 --> SLES12 SP4 --> SLES12 SP5 to SLES15 SP1.

Now we would like to migrate from SLES15 SP1 to SLES15 SP2 and then to SLES15 SP3.

To do so when we fire command "zypper migration", below mentioned error is occurring:

Can't get available migrations from server: SUSE::Connect::ApiError: The requested products 'HPC Module 12 x86_64' are not activated on the system.

'/usr/lib/zypper/commands/zypper-migration' exited with status 1'

All repositories are of SLES15 SP1 in the output of "zypper repos". However SUSE Registration status shows, the product 'HPC Module 12 x86_64' as not registered.

Please guide me to fix the issue and migrate from SLES15 SP1 to SLES15 SP2.

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Sorry about the trouble. In the SLE 12 series of releases HPC was a module but not a Product. In SLE 15 HPC became a product and as such the HPC module is no longer part of SLES. If you remove the HPC module before migration the migration will work.

zypper rm sle-module-hpc-release-POOL sle-module-hpc-release


answered 2 months ago

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