Cannot Update Glue Partition Names Populating table overwrites Partition names


I have a database that I have been working with and I am trying to add a new table through Glue.

I have been able to create the table and populate data, but I cannot update the partition names in the table and are stuck with partition_0.

You should be able to edit the table by using the actions button, but when I click "edit table" nothing happens in this or any other table that I have previously setup.

Things I have tried:

  1. edit the table in the glue console
  2. manually update the partition name ALTER TABLE missing_trips partition (partition_0) RENAME TO PARTITION (agency) produces an unknown error
  3. Create the table with Athena and then populate. I am able to create the table, and then populate that table with a crawler, but when I do so it reverts the partition name to partition_0

#2 error: [ErrorCategory:USER_ERROR, ErrorCode:UNKNOWN_ERROR] Query Id: 61c7b446-16c7-4459-94fd-f097dc15835a

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