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MySQL Aurora Error connecting to S3


I'm setting up a new Aurora cluster and followed the documentation to create the role and policy needed for Aurora/RDS to access a bucket. Role has been assigned in parameter list and on cluster. The error I'm getting doesn't feel like the normal "I messed up a json file" policy problem. It feels like more of a vpc access point problem but google was little help on the error. I don't know if there is an inbound or outbound rule missing somewhere?

mysql> SELECT * FROM DB.table INTO OUTFILE S3 's3://xyzbucketname/export.txt'
    ->     FIELDS TERMINATED BY '\t'
    ->     LINES TERMINATED BY '\n' ;
ERROR 63994 (HY000): S3 API returned error: Network Connection:Unable to connect to endpoint

The VPC has an s3 endpoint setup: Gateway

Many of the searches lead back here but it didn't provide any details:

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Found the problem. Aurora cluster was created on a subnet that wasn't assigned to the existing S3 vpc endpoint.

answered 6 months ago

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