Location of ECS CodeDeploy logs?


Where is the location of ECS CodeDeploy logs? I know where to find them for EC2 deployments, but not for ECS.

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CodeDeploy logs is not supported for Amazon ECS deployments nor AWS Lambda.

Specifically, there is no application related deployment commands executed by CodeDeploy as your application is packaged as a container, and the configurations are drafted in ECS task definitions so CodeDeploy logs won't have much value compared to traditional deployments to EC2.

that said, you can view deployment related events in services such as ECS, or in CloudTrail.

Is there anything specific you are looking for in the log?

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  • I would like to see how long each step takes in the "install" portion of ECS during CodeDeploy. I would like to see how long it takes to create the replacement task. How long it takes for the new application to be installed in the replacement task?

  • Did you check the "Deployment lifecycle events" section in your CodeDeploy deployment details page? Also you do have an option to add Lambda function hooks in your AppSpec


Per the documentation:

Logs are not supported for AWS Lambda or Amazon ECS deployments. They can be created for EC2/On-Premises deployments only.

In lieu of logs, I recommend creating a subscription via EventBridge to CodeDeploy-related events as described here. You can configure CloudWatch Logs as an event target, and this will create an indirect log of your deployments.

answered 2 years ago

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