Realtime solution for using iot data and aws


so I have some wifis that are being used to triangulate a users location, this is done by taking the packet information from the wifis and taking some information from the user's mobile then I need to match it in the cloud typically we use Mac addresses to see if this packet on the wifi belongs to this user or not, and then used a deep learning model on it and give the users back their location all in real-time or near realtime is it possible? it's turning out to be very difficult to make architecture for this use case right now I am using aws kinesis to transport data to aws but I really do not know how to proceed

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AWS offers Real-Time IOT device monitoring with Kinesis Data Analytics where it uses AWS IoT to ingest device data, AWS Kinesis Firehose to archive data, Kinesis Data Analytics to compute metrics in real-time and Amazon S3 and DynamoDB to durably store data.

To learn more about the implementation of this solution, kindly refer to below documentation: [+]

AWS has also created a video demonstration the overview of this solution: [+]

Additionally, for more in-depth analysis and implementation of such solutions, kindly getting in touch with an AWS Solutions Architect is recommended.

answered 10 months ago

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