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RDS DB migrations using ECS and Fargate


I run my app with Docker and ECS. How can I handle database migrations? With fargate there doesn’t seem to be a way to SSH into the container to run any commands so I can’t run my RDS MySQL migrations by going into the container. I have some migrations to run at times, not for all deploys. Any advice?

I used to run my docker container in a EC2 box so I had the option to run a command inside the container once the container is up. I have migrated to ECS and Fargate now and I don't know how to handle it now.

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4 Answers

Were you able to solve this issue? I am also facing the same sort of issue. I have an application deployed on ECS (fargate) and I want to run migrations.

answered 3 years ago

While it is technically possible to install sshd in your image so you can SSH into your task, that's not a terribly practical approach. It would be helpful to understand your scenario in a little bit more detail. What's driving doing the DB migrations? Are you deploying updated code? If that's the case, consider automating the DB migration as part of your deployment (e.g. validate the state of the DB when you're task starts up and if not what you expect, do the migration).


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answered 2 years ago

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