Gamelift Local not available on SDK 5.0.0?


Hey! Simple question: is Gamelift local compatible with the SDK version 5.0.0? Because I can't find in the new package and thus I can't test my server locally, wich is kind of a pain waiting at least half an hour for the fleet to be ready.

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With the release of GameLift Server SDK version 5 you can now test your custom server integration on a local or remote machine using GameLift Anywhere. This allows you to iteratively build, test, and run your game server project using your own hardware without needing to wait for a managed fleet to create. Plus, your game server's interactions are directly with the GameLift service, so you know the interactions will be the same when you move to using a managed fleet.

You can find a walk through of testing your custom server integration with GameLift Anywhere in this document:

And here is a document that covers setting up a GameLift Anywhere fleet:

answered 22 days ago

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