Need to move or clone RDS Instance MS SQL with DB data to another region


Hi, I have created an Initial RDS Instance with MS SQL and DB Data but it's too slow for me in the California region, I am planning to migrate RDS Instance with DB using a cloud formation template to the Mumbai region, can I anyone help me with the steps?

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One solution [1] involves a source RDS DB instance running in the primary Region in its own VPC and subnet. The target RDS DB instance is running in a separate DR Region in its own VPC and subnet. Both the VPCs are accessible via VPC peering. The target database is created from a backup of the source database. The ongoing changes are then replicated from the source using MS-CDC. AWS DMS runs the database migration jobs that continuously replicate data from source to target. AWS DMS runs in a separate Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance in the same VPC in the secondary Region.

You can also use cross-Region snapshot and restore [2]

Note : Depending on the AWS Regions involved and the amount of data to be copied, a cross-Region snapshot copy can take hours to complete.

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answered 17 days ago

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