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when trying to delte my hosted zones, i get this error "Error occurred Bad request. (InvalidKeySigningKeyStatus 400: Key Signing Key with name datalabsai cannot be deleted because current status is not INACTIVE. You can use DeactivateKeySigningKey to deactivate the Key Signing Key before you delete it.)"

I followed each step in the documentation but I am still not able to delete the hosted zone. Any solution???

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Thank you for the detailed description. To successfully delete the hosted zone, we will have to:

  • Delete the key-signing keys. Please follow this link to edit the key-signing key status to INACTIVE, and delete the key-signing keys.

  • Disable DNSSEC signing for the hosted zone. Please follow this link to disable DNSSEC signing.

Complete the above steps and try again deleting the hosted zone.

answered 2 years ago

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