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Link Bewtween SDK and Console.


Hey all

I'm trying to understand the link between a program developed outside of the Pinpoint Console (Say using the Amazon SDK for Python) and the Pinpoint console itself. This is primarily for analytics purposes.

I'm struggling to understand where in a program I should reference a particular Project or Campaign to ensure that campaigns sent outside of the console are still included within the console itself for analytics purposes. And I'm not seeing how to do that.

So far all I've seen within the SDK documentation is an 'ApplicationID' reference but I'm not sure what that aligns to within the console. I see a Project ID in the console but that obviously isn't the same as an ApplicationID. I'd just like to make sure that all of the events from campaigns external to the console are still captured and accounted for.

Any help, insight or experience would be much appreciated.


asked 3 years ago11 views
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Accepted Answer

Hi Weyland,

ApplicationId in the Pinpoint API is actually the same thing as ProjectId in the console.

We added a note to the appropriate page in the API reference (, but we have a few more places where we need to make this relationship clearer. My apologies for the confusion!

Brent @ AWS

answered 3 years ago

Hi Brent

Awesome, thanks so much for the clarification. Appreciate it!


answered 3 years ago

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