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I have 2 volumes, not attached to any instance, neither of which I can delete. detach, force detach do nothing. I have no instances of any type, am closing down my aws setup as it is no longer required. apart from these 2 resources, everything else has been released/terminated.

vol-321dc85b vol-7a8d5913

both in eu-west-1a

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The status on both volumes is "in use" except there are no attached instances displayed. I have no snapshots or machine images. I have no instances either for that matter. Baffled as to why it claims in use yet attached to nothing. All I have now is these two volumes.

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  • does the command aws ec2 describe-volumes --volume-id <volume-id> show an instanceId under the attachments section? If nothing is shown, the status on the console might be inaccurate. If that's the case, I would recommend opening a support case with the Account and billing team, as your main objective is to close down the account.

    Sign in to the AWS Management Console at

    In the upper-right corner, choose Support, and then choose Support Center.

    Choose Create case.

    Choose Account and billing support


Hello! I would recommend taking a look at the column "Volume State" shown in the Volumes console :

In order for the volume to be deleted, the Volume State must be "Available". If you notice that the current state is "Available" and still can't delete it, ensure that your account has the IAM permission ec2:DeleteVolume, which you can read more on this link

If you use the AWS command line interface (CLI), you can attempt to delete the volume via the CLI and take note of the output message you receive, which will be helpful to troubleshoot. For example:

aws ec2 delete-volume --volume-id <volume id>

For more information on how to use the CLI, please visit

Sometimes, volumes are associated to an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) or to a snapshot. Please check if you have an AMI taken as a backup from any instance, and also if you have any snapshots taken.

To view the snapshots, go to

To view Amazon Machine Images, go to

I hope the information above was helpful. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

answered a year ago

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