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How do I add a new table to an existing replication task and start CDC for it while not impacting/breaking the existing tables on going replication?

Suppose Oracle to Oracle engine. I already have 4 tables in task and cdc is running and in sync. Now I want to add 5th table to it. I did full load for it using native tool(data pump expdp/impdp using flashback_scn) after that I want to start CDC for it. Now do I create a new task for it or add to existing? Can someone please help me understand how to handle such requests.


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you can always add a new table in selection for cdc task but linking of expdp/impdb with scn would be an issue with existing task. I would suggest create a new cdc only task for the new table with start scn from the expdp/impdb

if we had original full load and cdc task then it would have been easy to stop the running task, add new table, resume task which will do full load and cdc.

answered 2 years ago

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